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Sunset Yogurt with My Style 5

June 23, 2017 2 min read

Sunset Yogurt with My Style 5

While we were looking for unusual models for our next photoshoots we met Silvia Iorgu from the blog My Style 5.

She's a young Romanian girl that lives and works in Amsterdam and she created the blog My Style 5 to follow her passion, we talked about what we are doing, about our jewellery, about her blog and our crazy ideas for new photo shoots, we suddenly liked each other and what had to be a coffee for a work meeting turned out in a coffee, drinks and dinner, that's always a good sign! :)

She really liked our ideas and the way we work anyway, so we decided to meet up on a nice sunny day, and make some pictures of her style, together with my creations on the beautiful Amsterdam's canals. 

The bar Waterkant looks like a summer paradise on the side of the water when it's sunny, it really invites you to have a beer or a gin and tonic under the sun, and they also make the most amazing Suriname's food. Our favourite dish there are the "Dirty duck hoisin cucumber spring rolls" :) really delicious! 

Silvia had a great outfit, white and blue checkered ruffled skirt and white laced crop top, blue satin pump shoes and of course her great red hair. We decided to top it with blue jewellery, Centouno Choker Azure and Cobalt Blue, Centouno Azure Spiral Bracelet, Cobalt Blue Spiral Bracelet and Squarebeat Blue Necklace.

Even though our initial idea was to make magical canal pictures, as we started I noticed this post-industrial azure door and that's where we started from.

silvia choker bracelet cobalt blue centouno

It was very hard to choose, so many of the pictures came out really well! :)

After that we went along the canal, where with this amazing weather lots of Dutch people park their boats and go for an aperitive, which contributes to the great atmosphere, but does not help to keep the curious people away while shooting!

squarebeat blue necklace at waterkant amsterdam squarebeat blue necklace at waterkant amsterdam

While I made pictures, Silvia took a video of the making process which you will be able to see on her youtube channel, and she will be sharing a post about it as well on her Blog.

Here you can see a couple of photo stills!


This was just the second time we met and we are looking forward to meeting up again and make some more shots with Silvia and her style.

Stay tuned to get to know more! ♥


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