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New in: Petra Collection - Contaminations Beyond Glass

June 05, 2017 1 min read

New in: Petra Collection - Contaminations Beyond Glass

The new Petra Collection is out!

This collection comes from a research on how to make glass jewellery lighter, and how to enrich it through other materials.  

After my art exhibition in Villa Manin (article here), I had quite a lot of leftover felt, black and grey, and I started experimenting with it, thinking how to upcycle it.

Felt is a simple and poor material, and the combination with glass wasn't what I was looking for: it missed structure and light.

After several experiments and research, I decided to burn it, and it changed completely, working weirdly but perfectly together with glass this time.Petra round earrings

The soft synthetic fabric, when burned enough and controlled becomes hard and rough plastic that was perfect to emphasise the bright red, seductive touch of glass. The lightness of the felt created a perfect balance with the precious weight the beads have.


Petra Mother Necklace

While I was creating the collection, as I gradually laid down the pieces together I realised that although made with the same materials and colours, each piece showed its own, unique nature, a bit like a family: sharing the DNA, but possibly with radically different personalities.

Petra Fat Twin Necklace Petra Thin Sister Necklace


It did take a lot of effort, blisters, burns and some swearing during the making :) but every new piece I added made the Petra Collection stronger and the maker, myself, happier!

Petra Sister Necklace


For now, 4 Necklaces are available, 4 earrings and two bracelets but you never know some cousins or far family members might still come to visit and join this weird and futuristic family of the Petra collection.

Check out the Petra Collection!

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