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Biglia Yellow Short Earrings

    • Biglia is an elegant yet playful collection. It reminds of the glass marbles we used to play with when we were kids. Here are the Yellow Short Earrings.

      Biglia is available in bold and pastel colours.

      The clear glass that encases the layer of coloured glass of every Biglia, plays with the light reflexion and with the colours with which it is juxtaposed.

    • The creation of Biglia started from the need to remove glass jewellery from its pedestal, from the idea that it is something old-fashioned and to be left behind, with glass you should be able to laugh and play, after all, it is a beautiful material with endless possibilities.

      We do not advise you to let it fall for no reason, but we assure you that like the marbles, our Biglia collection is pretty resistant.

    • Length: circa 2 cm

      Materials: Effetre Murano Glass and stainless steel.



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