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Girls Don't cry

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Size Guide
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Bead size: 1.2 cm 

Weight: 50 g

Materials: Effetre Murano Glass, river pearls, and stainless steel.

(The river pearls and eyes come in different colors, in case you have any preferences on pearls or eye color, get in contact, I'll be happy to tell you all available options)

Using pieces of body to adorn other bodies helps us appreciate the joy that comes from the acceptance of our 'Thingness', as the '70s contemporary artist Paul Thek defined it, influenced by his visit to the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo.

The Thingness collection is inspired by the artist's work and features eyes, boobies, teeth, and legs. The Thingness collection is deadly serious but looks fun.

Specifically, the Girls Don't Cryseries uses the reference of pearls metaphorically seen as the tears of sailor men's wives. However, the references that surround natural pearls are controversial, as in a lot of cultures they bring good but also bad luck, depending on the circumstances. The title 'Girl's Don't Cry' is therefore an invitation to women to take their own faith into their own hands. Wait for no savior but become our own savior.

Murano Glass has an incredible variety of colors, but it is not realistic and lively enough. I made rods of glass contaminated with other materials, to create every time a unique pattern.

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